After spending most of my life being uncomfortable with my weight, I finally hit the breaking point and did something about it. From being called every name in the book growing up to splitting my pants bending over to pick something off the ground while at work as an adult, I had had enough. I realized a few things: No one else was going to do this for me, and I had to hold myself accountable for my lifestyle if I wanted to change my body. I had tried many times to change my body and get fit, but after a few weeks, I’d make some excuse and end up failing. Pushing 30 years old, unhappy with my appearance and my job, and tipping out at 240lbs and 27.5% body fat, I finally decided now was the time.

I became certified as a trainer to gain the knowledge I believed I needed to do this on my own. Once certified, I spent the next 9 months trying to lose weight and get fit. Though I lost 40lbs and dropped my body fat to 16.5%, I was still uncomfortable; I knew I had done something wrong. I decided to seek professional help – someone who could push me beyond my capabilities while helping me conquer my pitfalls, once and for all. With this help, I gained the courage to enter a 12 week before and after contest. This contest changed my life. Eight weeks into the contest, I had co-workers asking me to train them. I decided I’d give it a shot, and a few months later, Body One Fitness was founded. Years later, I was still able to maintain my results from the contest – 182lbs, 8% body fat.

I’ve realized over the years that we must hold ourselves accountable not just for the workouts but for our lifestyle. Also the power of visualizing the goal can be an effective partner as well as staying motivated to continue to pursue the life one wants.

I know what it is like to be uncomfortable in my own skin, embarrassed how I perceive myself, and that is a feeling I never want back. And it is that feeling I want to help others never experience again. Let Body One Fitness help you conquer your goals and break through to live in the body you’ve always dreamed of, rather than dream of the body you’ve always wanted to live in.

Hope to see you at Body One Fitness firing up a workout, visualizing and achieving your fitness goals!

Stay Motivated.



My personal take on life is this: Grow constantly. Relish life. Demonstrate integrity.

Now this can mean a lot of things, such as constantly trying new things, showing appreciation for the good people in your life, etc., but that is a much deeper chat that I’d be more than willing to have with you another time. Hopefully, you simply get a brief, yet deep insight into myself from this statement.

I was born in Lansing, Michigan, to a mother and father who created a loving family with 2 sons and 2 daughters. This means that as the 2nd son, I’ve totally got middle child syndrome. To some extent, that works quite well to the advantage of the people that I coach, as it has contributed to my first philosophy, grow constantly. What that means is I’ll be relentlessly bringing you new knowledge and useful coaching methods, plus fun warm-ups and workouts.

As soon as I could walk, I jumped into athletics, and as far as I was concerned, it took them far too long to let me play on the school soccer team. 3rd grade is a long time to wait! Since then, I have pursued many sports, the most notable of which are beach/indoor volleyball, Muay Thai, Krav Mga, and Australian Football, which I currently play for the LA Dragons. (Come see a game some time. It’s good, dirty, and intense fun).

Working out, as we know it, really came into my life in sophomore year of high school, when I joined the strength and conditioning class and met some of my best, life-long buddies. At the time, I was about 6 feet tall and 126 lbs. So if you’ve got the “skinny guy” mentality, you and I need to talk. I went through my own personal struggle with how I viewed and labeled myself with stereotypes, which inhibited my ability to grow, but was able to have a massive breakthrough in 2008-2009, when I destroyed all of that negative self-talk (through a lot of hard work) and gained 20lbs of lean mass over the course of 2 1/2 months. The mental transformation that this brought about is what drives me to spread that feeling of empowerment to others, as a change in fitness can lead to major life changes in all aspects of life, including personal, financial, and social. Fitness as a profession for me began in 2012, when I obtained my first PT certification and began work as a personal trainer. I really hit my stride in 2014, when I got into the world of small group fitness instruction, and I have not looked back since.

I was born and raised on the east coast and have called So Cal my home since 2004. Upon arrival to CA I broke my foot and gained over 45 pounds throughout the holiday season. I understand the confusion of looking in the mirror and seeing a body that did not belong. I decided that version was not me and I was going to change and I vowed to never go back. I lost the weight slowly over time and continue to work on new and different fitness goals.

I have been a registered nurse since 2000 and my passion is to help other people succeed in their life journey, regardless of the topic. In 2015, I became ACE certified. I want to help teach other people proper technique and form to prevent injuries and maximize workout results.  This is a true blend of my nursing and fitness training skills.

Training at Body One Fitness since 2011 has taken me to a fitness level I never thought possible and has taught me that it only takes an hour a day to reach the results and goals that I set for myself.  Now coaching here at Body One, I want to pass this along to others.

Born and raised in the South Bay I have been lucky enough to call this beautiful place my home for most of my life. Like most kids here, I played just about every sport growing up; baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and surfed. I was always active and to this day still enjoy playing all of those sports. When I got to high school I chose to focus mostly on baseball and was recruited to play in college.

I played my collegiate baseball at UC Santa Barbara and it was there that I first was introduced to the benefits of a consistent workout regimen. Going in to school I was 6’4’’ 195 lbs, had never really worked out, not very strong, not the best athlete, and probably was not going to play much. When I got there I knew I had to prove myself to everybody so I made a decision to work just as hard in the weight room as I did on the field. I changed my diet, ate healthier, took care of my body pre and post workout, and set realistic goals. I was quickly bitten by the fitness bug and noticed a change not only in my appearance, but also had more energy, felt better, and was more confident. By holding myself accountable and putting in the work, I was able to bulk up to 215lbs, won the starting Left Field position, played every single, had the 2 best years I have ever had, and was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2008. I went on to play 5 years in the Rockies organization before ending my career in 2013.

Since I saw the impact fitness had on my life, I wanted to pass along what I had learned to others. I became a NASM certified personal trainer and started working with young athletes in the area to teach them proper technique, form, and fundamentals of training. I continue to work with my athletes today, teach classes here on the weekends, and work a full time job in sales during the week. Like most of you out there my time is very limited during the week, but at BodyOne I am able to get a killer workout in the hour I have before work. It also leaves me time on the weekends to go down to the beach, surf, take my dog for hikes, play golf and feel great doing it all!

Body One has helped me and many others like me achieve the results we are looking for, come on in and see what it can do for you! What’s your excuse not to??